MSPWorld, the biggest event in the managed services industry, is set to kick off its Fall Conference on October 9th. The Miradore team will be heading to Vegas to take part, and if you are too, we’d love for you stop by our stand and have a chat – we’ve got a lot to talk about! Just take a look at these 6 reasons why you should visit our stand at MSPWorld.

1. Return on investment

Just look below. For every $2 spent, $18 was saved for the company. That leaves plenty of room for your profits.


2. Our products!

One side of the ROI coin is our products. Your problem domain is managing your devices and we can help you throughout the asset life cycle. If you deal with traditional IT assets, desktops, laptops, switches, routers and the like, our IT Systems Management solution Miradore Management Suite will be the answer. If your customers are more into mobile devices, our cloud-based Miradore Online Mobile Device Management is the hammer for your nail. And if you’re into both, they integrate!


3. Our expertise

The other side of the coin is our expertise. We’ve been in the business for ten years, and MSPs are our main market. We understand what you’re dealing with and can not only give you great tools for your problems, but also help you make the best of them. Tell us about your processes and services and we’ll help you make them even better.


4. We listen to you, and we move

The world changes quickly. Smaller players know that you can’t just be quick to adapt, you have to be in the forefront to compete. And that’s where we want to be with you. We’re not just a software vendor, so let’s make progress and stand tall and grow together!

5. We help you scale your operations with cost efficiency

Automation is where it’s at. Instead of worrying about those late night calls and breaking your back at work, why not let us help? Order your devices directly to your users and have them configure themselves out of the box. Got a replacement laptop coming in? Just send it to the user, have them plug it in, watch it install itself and once done, log in and continue where they were. No lost work time, no effort on your part and no room for human error.


6. We make you sticky

Streamlined proactivity is where it’s at. Got recurring issues on your servers that need constant attention? Why not fix them automatically. Track your Hard disk health, battery charge levels, performance, warranty status and more – and get to the problems before they happen. When you go from break-fix to proactive services, you’ll be associated with a solution instead of a problem, giving you an unbeatable edge. Lay back and change your problems into solutions with us.


So if you’re heading out to the MSPWorld Fall Conference 2016, be sure to stop by our booth. We’d love to meet you!

Valtteri Kekki

Valtteri Kekki

CTO at Miradore Ltd
Valtteri Kekki is the CTO of Miradore. He has been with the company since 2011 and is also an experienced software developer. Valtteri holds an M.Sc. in computer science from Lappeenranta University of Technology.
Valtteri Kekki