Have you noticed we’re in the latter half of the 2010s? Besides marveling at how time has flown, if you’ve worked in healthcare IT since the start of this decade, you can also see the amazing progress that’s been made in the last five years. Personal computing’s become a set of much lighter, more portable and more convenient tools for healthcare professionals to use in their daily work. Just a few years ago, such a variety of devices loaded with confidential patient data would have undoubtedly spelled trouble. Thanks to MDM, however, the story is very different. We listed 5 critical ways in which this decade’s MDM developments are helping healthcare IT managers thrive.

1. You’ve got a valid reason to go mobile

Mobile Device Management has brought legitimacy to mobile adoption in healthcare. It is now commonly accepted that, in order to work as efficiently as possible, busy doctors and nurses can’t be expected to return to the hospital in between field visits. What’s more, they need access to patient information wherever they are. Thanks to MDM, we can finally allow this to happen, because we have reliable enough tools to guarantee the necessary control and security. As mobile devices are also better and cheaper than ever, there’ll be nothing to stop you taking your company mobile.


2. You can really protect your devices

In our recent research on MDM in healthcare, respondents saw security risks as by far the greatest threat to keeping patient data confidential. MDM lets IT managers enforce policies that can stop personal data from leaking to outsiders, from setting strong lock screen passwords to detecting malware and installing device-level encryption. You can even include a secure messaging platform to stop users’ communication with colleagues and patients being disrupted over-the-air.

3. You have a remote control on everything

Nurses, lab technicians and doctors are all human beings, and as we know, to lose your possessions is very human. Thanks to the above security policies, together with location tracking and remote wiping, any confidentiality issues from misplacing a device can be quickly prevented. The device can be locked until it’s found (with GPS), or in case it disappears for good, erased with the touch of a button from the comfort of your office chair.

4. You can pick and choose all apps

Control over which apps users can access on their devices minimizes the risk of rogue software getting to patient data on devices. With MDM, you can permit only the apps that you fully trust, that comply with the strict industry laws and regulations, and that are really needed for effective healthcare provision. On top of this, you can completely automate the installation and removal, saving time for running other crucial IT operations. To really take security, reliability and productivity to the next level, you can even set devices to temporarily access only a single application.

Mobile device management

5. You enjoy amazing all seeing eyes

With the help of MDM reporting tools, you’ll be able to see everything that’s happening in your company’s mobile environment anytime, anywhere. You’ll know which devices are online and which are idle, in order to determine whether any devices might be lost or simply need to be reassigned to more productive use. This not only works to optimize your IT budget but also ensures that people who are really out in the field saving lives have access to the technology they need. Besides being able to keep an eye on log-in attempts, you can monitor that devices are really used according to company policies.


Having read this, could you imagine life without MDM? Things that we may take for granted today are enabling an unforeseen transformation in the entire healthcare industry, making patient care better and people’s lives longer. What’s your favourite feature of MDM? Or, if you’ve only seen the benefits of MDM on paper so far, why not put them in practice today? Sign-up to Miradore Online for free and discover the life-saving properties of our totally free solution.


Image credit: Blake Patterson + PhotoAtelier

Mirja Manni

Mirja Manni

Customer Service Manager at Miradore Ltd
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Mirja Manni