How many times have you been browsing the web with your handheld recently and run into a popup asking for a site to use your location data? Chances are it’s a daily thing. News sites use it to customize your feeds, if you browse for the weather you’ll get the report from around you and if you’re just doing some shopping, you’re likely to get special offers based on what’s popular around you.

But what are the benefits for a corporation? Miradore Online now offers location tracking both for the Android and iOS platforms, but why should you jump on the bandwagon? Well, here are four very good reasons to give it a go.

1. You’ll reduce the number of lost devices

To err is human. People forget their mobiles in restaurants, hotel rooms and taxis. Often the more important the device – think the executives and their iPhones travelling 300+ days of the year – the more likely it is to get lost. Using the lock and wipe security features you can, of course, prevent any data from being leaked to third parties, but quite often that’s not even necessary.

If you have the power to check where the phone is and notice it’s still at the Starbucks across the street, you can simply pick it up. Granted, it might be a bit of an embarrassment to ask the staff whether they’ve seen it, but most of the time it works and saves a ton of hassle. Even if it’s been stolen, imagine how happy the police will be when you tell them you know the exact location of the thief’s lair.


2. You can save time and calm minds

Inevitably there are certain fields where device loss is of particular concern. Take education, for example. Recently, it’s become quite common around the world to assign students with iPads with apps for schoolwork. Kids, as every parent knows, aren’t always the best-organized bunch of people and the devices get misplaced. Additionally, there’s always that crafty delinquent whose tablet loss might not have been so accidental. And of course, what happens if the worst happens and a child suddenly goes missing? Is he still at school, at home, or elsewhere? Miradore to the rescue, just check the map.

In our experience, simply announcing that the devices are under management and location tracking seems to be a quite effective deterrent against misplacing them. And in addition to the school staff being able to check you could even give the parents access to the location data so they can check their kids make it to school and back safely.

3. You’ll improve customer service

Work in logistics? Imagine how happy your customers would be if you provided them with the ability to track their shipment in real time. Chances are your drivers already have a smartphone, and if not, I guarantee they’d be pretty happy to get a company-sponsored iPhone. Use our API and a bit of creativity to extract the location information and provide your clients with it and you’ll doubtless have more satisfied customers. What’s more, you’ll save in customer service costs when you don’t have to answer so many of those “where is it” calls anymore. Finally, if you run a dispatch-oriented service, wouldn’t it be awesome to have a real-time map of devices for when a customer calls. Just by looking at your map, you’ll able to see the nearest courier and see how long it will take them to get to your customer. Everyone’s a winner!


4. You’ll be able to manage and look after your workforce

So your business is mobile, you’ve got agents in the field, be it game wardens, fishing permit inspectors, security officers or just simple salesmen. Think how much easier everything would be if you saw exactly where they were. For people working in the wilderness, it’s a safety issue, and for everyone else, location tracking makes it easy to ensure that your personnel are optimally spread over the operations area. If they’re not, it’s super simple to instruct them. In case of an emergency, you no longer have to call everyone and hope somebody’s near, but rather just look at the map and that’s your dispatch order right there. And as you’re tracking their phones, you know they’re never more than a phone call away. What’s more, it’s always useful to be able to check that your inspectors are actually doing some inspecting rather than taking a nap in their car.

How to get started today

As you can see location tracking offer countless benefits to your business, so how do you get started? Happily, Miradore Online now supports location tracking for both the Android and the iOS platforms. Furthermore, you can sign up for free to get started! You’ll need the business plan to access location tracking so drop a line to our support and we’ll get you a trial. And if you have any more ideas on what to use location tracking for, I’d love to hear about them so why not get in touch!


Image credit: Thomas Hawke + Ian Kelsall + Caleb Woods

Valtteri Kekki

Valtteri Kekki

CTO at Miradore Ltd
Valtteri Kekki is the CTO of Miradore. He has been with the company since 2011 and is also an experienced software developer. Valtteri holds an M.Sc. in computer science from Lappeenranta University of Technology.
Valtteri Kekki