Last month we launched an invitation campaign for our new Miradore Online service. The service is currently in beta phase but we have already made a ton of improvements and plan to open the service to everybody soon.

Miradore Online Dashboard
Currently, over 200 company accounts have been created in the service and the feedback has been phenomenal! Here are some picks of the feedback:

“This is Amazing! The enrollment is simple. The interface is easy and fun. The stats and analytics side is unbelievably useful and flat out cool.”

“This system is really easy to use, configure and deploy across multiple devices quickly and securely.”

“Great tool! Seems to work as promised”

We are constantly improving the service. During the spring, these major new features will be released:

* User import to speed up the implementation
* Enrollment of multiple users
* Windows Phone support

We continue to send out invitations to the beta program. If interested, please go and check it out yourself:

If you have any questions, comments, or improvement ideas regarding the service, please email us at

Paul Palojärvi

Paul Palojärvi

Co-founder & VP at Miradore Ltd
Paul Palojärvi is one of the founders of Miradore and leads its cloud business. Paul has almost 20 years’ experience in developing and implementing IT solutions in Europe, North America, and Asia. Paul has extensive experience leading international teams and has successfully led more than 20 global IT development projects, generating cost-efficiency and enhanced productivity. | LinkedIn
Paul Palojärvi