Security & Privacy
MDM allows for device security and privacy, helping you secure your company's data and sensitive information while separating work and personal apps on your employee's devices.
Scale up with IT
Cloud-based and priced per device, MDM is an affordable, efficient solution to managing IT costs and operations in your growing organization.

Several industries use Miradore Online

Any industry can benefit from mobile device management and enterprise mobility solutions. Devices can be tracked and secured, and apps can be installed and configured automatically, increasing efficiency. Learn more about how MDM can help your industry.


Stay compliant with HIPAA and other regulations by implementing MDM. Secure patient and business data by tracking the location of your devices, enforcing passcodes, and remotely wiping or locking if necessary.

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Device security is a requirement for most public agencies. MDM allows you to safeguard sensitive data and apply app configurations for full control over application usage.

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Miradore discovers and collects hundreds of attributes about your POS devices. You may collect inventory information remotely from such devices as cash registers, barcode scanners, receipt printers, and credit/debit card readers for coordinating maintenance operations for your device fleet.

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Stay compliant with ELD and other regulations with MDM. Track the location of your employees’ devices and remotely configure applications without service interruption.

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Track the location of devices used in the classroom and remotely configure applications without service interruption. Scale up or down as class sizes or budgets fluctuate.

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