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Meet our Management Team

Our management team brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Learn more about who we are.

Simo Salmensuu


Simo Salmensuu was appointed CEO of Miradore in March 2016.

An IT industry veteran since 1998, Simo brings broad experience and a strong global network to the company. His prior experience includes management roles at Taiwanese networking manufacturer Zyxel, Finnish software company Comptel, and worldwide Nokia Networks.

Simo holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Helsinki.

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Mikko Hytönen

Director of Research and Development

Mikko currently serves as Director of Research and Development at Miradore, managing a team of 20 professionals responsible for application development, architecture, design, testing, and documentation.

A veteran of Miradore for over 12 years, Mikko has held several roles with the company, including Product Manager and Senior Systems Specialist.

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Miradore Joonas Järvinen

Joonas Järvinen

Chief Growth Officer

Joonas became a Miradorean in May 2021 and he steers the company’s growth and marketing strategy and initiatives.

Based in the U.S., he brings over 20 years of international experience from tech companies, marketing agencies, and consulting. He has successfully helped several North American and European SaaS companies to expand and become global.

Joonas holds a Master of Business Administration degree.

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Jussi Korpela

Chief Financial Officer

Jussi joined Miradore in July 2020 to lead a team of finance and data experts. His background is in finance management and business controlling. Jussi’s key interest is further enhancing the data-driven management culture at Miradore.

Being a long-term investor himself, Jussi is able to view matters from both the employee’s and business owner’s perspectives. This is a perk for long-term value creation which benefits the employees and owners alike.

Jussi holds an M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Lappeenranta University of Technology.

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Arttu Huhtiniemi Miradore

Arttu Huhtiniemi

Chief Product Officer

Arttu joined Miradore in February 2022 and is in charge of product growth.

Arttu has shipped several multi-million euros of software products and has held product executive roles in multiple startups over thirteen years. He has developed product visions and strategies that led to successful exits of two scaleups. Hired, coached, and lead product teams and mentored product managers that have become product leaders.

Arttu has a Master degree in Computer Sciences.

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Angela Reed

Chief Sales Officer

Angela was appointed as CSO in August of 2022 to lead our team of sales, customer success and pre-sales engineer teams. She brings 20yrs+ experience as a successful sales leader and is a professional speaker in sales best practices. She has successfully lead teams toward ground breaking and predictable revenue growth, both in NA and around the globe and is bringing that experience to Miradore.

Angela holds a Masters of Business Administration degree.

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