Miradore was born when three IT specialists at global paper giant UPM needed a better way to manage their own IT infrastructure. Since existing configuration management solutions did not address the challenges they faced in a company with 20,000 workstations in over 30 countries, they created their own. The pilot project and full-scale rollout were a success, and so in 2006 they left UPM to found Miradore Ltd. UPM became Miradore’s first customer.

Because Miradore was built by IT professionals for IT professionals, we know the challenges you face on a daily basis:

  • Installing a new workstation or server and maintaining initial installation images is time consuming and expensive
  • Changes made throughout a workstation’s life cycle are not recorded and, therefore, lost during upgrades or hardware failures
  • License and asset information is not available or out-of-date and user data is not backed-up
  • There is no integrated dashboard to show the “big picture” of your IT environment

And of course, for managed service providers, these IT infrastructure challenges are multiplied by the number of customers you serve. Miradore helps you overcome these challenges. The Miradore software is highly automated to cut initial workstation installation time by up to 75%. Our solution also helps you to efficiently manage workstations across the device lifecycle – the solution is based on ITIL® best practices to ensure consistent high quality. Miradore also lets you track overall network quality from one console – it imports data from existing user directory, patching and security environments to give you the big picture. Maybe that’s why Miradore is used by managed service providers, large enterprises, and the Finnish military to make their IT systems more efficient.

Company Facts

➞ Established in 2006
➞ Headquartered in Finland
➞ 500.000+ devices managed
➞ Customers in 140+ countries
➞ Sales representation in EMEA and NA
➞ Customer focus: IT Service Providers and IT departments
➞ Privately held, venture capital funded
➞ The Miradore solution has been developed during the last 20 years with the help of hundreds of IT professionals.

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