Secure your company's mobile devices


Free MDM from the cloud

• Mobile Device Management delivered from the cloud
• Unlimited number of mobile devices, no time limit
• Now supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone!

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Making diversity manageable

Cloud-based, all-in-one IT asset management.

Miradore enables efficient management of diverse IT environments - hardware, software, mobile - including lifecycle and configuration management. We offer support for all major IT device platforms with our all-in-one solution and very fast and easy deployment.


The more complex environment,

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Miradore is fully scalable from small businesses to large enterprises with hundreds of thousands of IT assets to manage. Our customers demonstrate a ROI up to 300-1200% through savings in lifecycle management and helpdesk costs, better utilization of assets as well as over/underpayment of service contracts.

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Tailored for Service Providers & MSPs

• MSP Console allows managing ALL customer environments with ONE
integrated tool
• Run multiple customer instances on single hardware. Utilize packages,
drivers, and reports over the entire customer fleet
• Subscription based licensing model no upfront costs = price per managed
device per month

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Trusted by leading IT companies

Pioneer in BYOD before it was invented

Miradore was born when three IT specialists at global paper giant UPM needed a better way to manage their own IT infrastructure. Since existing configuration management solutions did not address the challenges they faced in a company with 20,000 workstations in over 30 countries, they created their own.

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